Free fortnite codes for xbox, playstation, android, ios

By | March 25, 2018

what’s up Amigos! I am back with another cool game called fortnite. If you are wondering what is fortnite code, it is an awesome multiplayer online game . It is similar to hunger games. If you have not played yet, Please go ahead and try this is awesome game. In this post I’m gonna share a few free fortnite codes for xbox, playstation, android, ios , which you need to get started.

What is fortnite game?

As I said already, fortnite is an online multiplayer game which is available in xbox. It is more like hunger games movie. You with other players will be left in a place or a village . Once you reach that place you have to kill the other players with the various weapons you can get. The mail goal is to become the lone survivor or to just not die in the game. This should give a brief picture of what the fortnite game is already. Lets dive deep into fortnite and also getĀ free fortnite codes for xbox, playstation, android, ios in the further fortnite codes

deep dive into fortnite

As soon as the game starts. You and the fellow players will board a giant parachute . You all will be taken to a village . Once you reach the village, You all have to jump of the parachute and can land anywhere. The real game starts once you land . By default you will get a big axe as weapon. Once you land you have to use that weapons to fight the fortnite codes for xbox, playstation, android, ios

How to Play fortnite gamefree fortnite codes

Once you land , you have to search for the weapon of your choice. It’s not must that you have to find another weapon but it is highly recommended. You wouldn’t want to with an axe while others are using advance guns. The thing in fortnite is you can break literally anything with the axe given to you. So you can break into any house and search for any weapons and collect them. fortnite is tough so your aim has to be fortnite codes for xbox, playstation, android, ios

Building a defence system in fortnite

free fortnite codes for xbox, playstation, android, ios.As you all now fortnite is a multiplayer game. So you will be up against real game players, so you have to be very good at defence . In fortnite you can actually build the defence system by using various plans which will be available with you. You have to collect bricks of iron, wood etc to actually build anything in fortnite. You can collect iron bricks, wooden bricks etc by braking any houses, trees etc . Type of brick you will get depends on what you break. So you have to collect all the bricks and once you have enough bricks, you can select any construction for the map which is available and build anything during the play itself. Trust me this is very crucial to win the game.

free fortnite codesgame plan to win the fortnite game

So now coming to the game plan. As you will be up against good online players you have to have a very solid game plan. Remember the aim or motto of the game is to stay come out of it alive. So you have two options here. 1. Just hide and wait till other players fight and kill themselves 2. To go and attack the players and get more kills which is my thing.

If you are first kind of player, all you have to do is just hide and watch your surroundings. Just keep an eye on the number of players alive and once it is very less you can start attacking others.

free fortnite codesIf you are a second kind of player, right at the beginning of the game go and on any house. While landing just observe where others are landing. Once you land on any house, go into it by smashing it with the axe you have . Now collect all the guns and search for ammo as well. Now once the guns are collected , come out search for other players. Easy way to find other players is , look for any constructions or any houses being destructed. You can definitely find other player there.Now go there and kick his ass. free fortnite codes for xbox, playstation, android, ios

When you are up against any good players. you can build the defence system during the battle itself by selecting one from the map. building the defence system is extremely important. So keep collecting all the bricks whenever possible.

free free fortnite codesSingle Player and Team players in fortntie game

You can either play as a single player or play fortnite as a team. You can form your own team or can choose one from the other players. Playing as team is really fun . You can plan and attack. Chances of winning is very high.

My take on fortnite

Fortnite is really cool . This is a must try game, if you are a fan of action games. I loved it like anything. It is available in xbox.

free free fortnite codes

Coming free fortnite codes for xbox, playstation, android, ios.

Here I’m sharing a few free fortnite codes for xbox, playstation, android, ios. if you are lucky enough this you can actually use them without any issue. Enjoyy!!


Stay tune for more codes..


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